Sumo Logic recently highlighted new innovations to its Continuous Intelligence Platform as announced as a part of the keynote address at the company’s Illuminate user conference. The new enhancements surround DevSecOps use cases and enable universal data portability through open-source telemetry collection and real time advanced analytics.

The updates made to the platform will allow users to make faster decisions and address data security needs from cloud to edge to end user. The enhancements include: comprehensive, full stack observability with advanced analytics; modernizing security operations from cloud to edge to user; and universal data collection, integration, and open standards commitment. 

With comprehensive, full stack observability with advanced analytics, Sumo Logic has expanded the depth of its observability solution with real-time data sources and integrations to provide deeper insights and value. In addition, modernizing security operations from cloud to edge to user will significantly enhance Sumo Logics Cloud Security Analytics and Monitoring solution to improve security posture management. Lastly, universal data collection, integration, and open standards commitment allows users to pull data into a single pane to provide data portability. 

State of Process Delivery Survey

According to “The State of Process Discovery 2021” the desire to improve organizational processes, reduce costs, and accelerate digital transformation are driving widespread adoption of process discovery and task mining tools. This remains true despite disconnects in the benefits and challenges with their usage.

The survey was conducted by Blueprint Software Systems and studied 400 executives, directors, department heads, senior managers, and analysts from both the U.S. and the U.K. The findings showed that 56% of respondents have implemented process discovery or task mining tools within their organization in order to improve tasks by eliminating waste and automate tasks.

Today, companies spend an average of $336,000 on process discovery and task mining tools each year and 81% of those using process discovery expect their investments to increase in the next six to twelve months. Download the full report here.

Eclipse Foundation and OpenAtom Foundation announce partnership 

The Eclipse Foundation and the OpenAtom Foundation announced their intent to collaborate and focus on OpenAtom’s OpenHarmony Operating System (OS). The endgame is to build a worldwide, vendor-neutral, and independent open-source community that allows developers, vendors, and system integrators to increase their reach in a unified ecosystem. 

OpenHarmony is a distributed multi-kernel operating system that allows machines and connected objects to work as one and share software and hardware. With this collaboration, the eclipse Foundation will be establishing additional open-source projects and groups of interested parties to build, deliver, and promote an OpenHarmony compatible implementation for a widespread market.