The open-source JavaScript and WebAssembly engine has reached version 8.0. According to the team, V8 version 8 focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Some of the key improvements include: pointer compression, optimizations for higher-order builtins, optional chaining, nullish coalescing, and updates to the V8 API. 

The full list of improvements is available here

Dotscience announces new technology partnerships and product updates
Dotscience is a machine learning for DevOps solution provider. Its new technology partnerships include GitLab and Grafana Labs; integrations with Scikit-learn,, and TensorFlow; expanded support for AWS and Azure; and a joint collaboration with global enterprises on an industry benchmark. 

“MLOps is poised to dominate the enterprise AI conversation in 2020, as it will directly address the challenges enterprises face when looking to create business value with AI,” said Luke Marsden, CEO and founder at Dotscience. “Through new partnerships, expanded multi-cloud support, and collaborations with MLOps pioneers at global organizations in the Fortune 500, we are setting the bar for MLOps best practices for building production ML pipelines today.”

SQL Server 2019 machine learning improvements
Microsoft is giving some insights into machine learning capabilities inside of SQL Server 2019. According to the company, these are built in and include features released to R and Python. For example, one feature is that SQL Server machine learning services can be installed on Linux. In addition, failover clusters are supported and improved scripting capabilities have been added. 

“Many organizations seek to do more with their data than pump out dashboards and reports. Applying advanced analytical approaches such as machine learning is an essential arena of knowledge for any data professional. While database administrators (DBAs) don’t necessarily have to become data scientists, they should have a deep understanding of the machine learning technologies at their disposal and how to use them in collaboration with other domain experts,” the SQL Server team wrote in a post.

Eclipse IDE 2019-12 now available 
The latest version of the IDE is the Eclipse Foundation’s fourth quarterly release in 2019 and includes seventy-six participating projects. 

Some of the features include: 

  • A new checker for float number comparisons
  • A new checker for verifying usage of not allowed methods and/or functions
  • Ability to specify the path to a compile_commands.json
  • A new view for CDT Debug
  • API modiciations
  • Docker tooling Dockerfile editor has been replaced with a new language server editor
  • OProfile has been removed
  • New preference and a changed default in EGit preferences
  • New Git history view

More information is available here