SuperLumin Networks, a leading provider of high-speed data delivery and application acceleration solutions, today announced the launch of its SuperLumin OEM Edition program. This new, customizable software is ideal for Internet appliance builders looking to provide a competitive, quick time-to-market proxy solution.

Using the world’s leading proxy platform, the SuperLumin OEM Edition simplifies configuration and delivery of proxy appliances. The OEM Edition provides a seamless method for developing and integrating complex applications into one cohesive user interface, while providing an alternative to Blue Coat and Cisco appliance only solutions.  

With the ability to re-skin the management GUI, authentication forms, and help/support URLs, OEMs have the ability to create their own personalized, branded customer experience.

“SuperLumin Networks has an established tradition of working with OEM and VAR partners to provide them with the latest in acceleration solutions,” said Chris Riegel, SuperLumin CEO. “The SuperLumin OEM Edition allows vendors to focus on selling the product—not spending time developing and managing the platform.”    

SuperLumin OEM Edition features:
  •    64-bit, Enterprise Linux OS
  •    Extreme scalability supports up to  64 CPUs, 16TB RAM, 64 disks and 32GB cache objects
  •    Exceptional performance (100 million cache objects)
  •    Proxy caching (large videos and files)
  •    Video caching with SilverLight (live, on-demand, smooth streaming) and Flash (live, on-demand)
  •    Adaptive Stream caching (SilverLight, Move Networks)
  •    High performance social media caching (Facebook, YouTube)
  •    Rate shaping/bandwidth management
  •    Centralized management (ActiVia)
  •    Reporting/Logging/Statistics/Health Monitoring
  •    Security features (VPN, Firewall)
  •    Authentication (LDAP, RADIUS, NTLM, Kerboros, eDir SSO, eDir)