Topic: education partners with College Board for nationwide CS education, the nonprofit computer science education organization behind Computer Science Education Week and the Hour of Code campaign, has announced a partnership with the College Board to bring computer science courses to school districts nationwide. The partnership is intended to encourage high schools in 35 of the nation’s largest districts, including New York City, Chicago … continue reading

Dropbox SDK for Android security flaw, Knodemy’s Code Academy, and Android 5.1 SDK—SD Times news digest: March 11, 2015

Security researches have exposed a software vulnerability in Dropbox’s SDK for Android. The bug could allow hackers to connect apps from a mobile device to their own Dropbox account without a user knowing. The vulnerability, which was discovered by IBM’s X-Force application research team, impacts Dropbox SDK versions 1.5.4 through 1.6.1. “The response from Dropbox … continue reading

Hour of Code surpasses 100 million hours, Docker 1.5 released, and the White House addresses cybersecurity—SD Times news digest: Feb. 11, 2015 announced its Hour of Code campaign has eclipsed 100 million hours, measured by the time students have spent taking the free programming courses and tutorials offered online. The total dates back to the program’s beginning back in June 2013. The organization also announced the number of lines of code written has surpassed 5 billion … continue reading

December Edition: Top 5 projects trending on GitHub

Happy Almost 2015, GitHubbers! To cap off the year in GitHub, we have the Top 5 projects of the month of December. I wanted to do the Top 5 of 2014, but alas the GitHub trending feature doesn’t have a yearly time span option. #1: io.js, the month’s most popular project providing evented I/O for … continue reading

Tech world, White House and educators team up for Hour of Code

Today marks the start of’s second annual Computer Science Education Week, and with it another round of the Hour of Code campaign, this time with even higher goals. This year, President Obama kicked off the festivities with a speech, also taking on the title of “Coder-in-Chief” and becoming the first president to program a … continue reading

College enrollment in computer science increased 22% in 2013

Sneak peek of Computer Research Association’s Taulbee survey shows gains in undergrad and Ph.D. computer science degrees … continue reading

SD Times Blog: GitHub for schools

GitHub Education is offering free Micro accounts for students and teachers, along with free accounts for classrooms … continue reading

Educating the new class of developers

A new academy is part of a growing movement to get computer science and programming education into high schools … continue reading

From the Editors: Software engineering: It’s academic

The new software engineering academy in New York is a promising start to turning around America’s decline in math education … continue reading

Kids learn coding through interactive robots

Play-i is crowdsourcing a pair of robots that use play to teach kids the basics of programming … continue reading

The Trouble with Gerrold: Lessons from programming languages

Computer education in America would be better served by focusing on programming languages … continue reading

From the Editors: Software development in universities

Education about software development should better prepare students for work in the enterprise … continue reading Protection Status