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Digia announces Qt Enterprise Embedded

Qt Enterprise Embedded enables fast development & deployment with Android and Embedded Linux stacks … continue reading

Once again we ask: Just who’s writing Linux?

Annual report checks in on 92,000 commits since April 2012, showing more than 3,700 developers working on the kernel alone … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Jean-Baptiste Queru quits Android project over Qualcomm drivers

JBQ’s departure signals frustration over Qualcomm’s lack of Nexus 7 open source driver support, sticking him with the blame … continue reading

Ubuntu Edge moves Linux company into the hardware realm

More than an operating system provider, South African company is raising funds for ambitious market move … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Torvalds taken to task over tempestuous talk

What brusque back-and-forth did Linux’s guardian get into now? … continue reading

JNBridgePro 7.0 supports Mono on Linux

Venerable interoperability enabler brings .NET to Linux and tackles “bitness” confusion … continue reading

Windows Azure cloud platform accepts Linux VMs

Microsoft acknowledges that organizations run other systems in application hosting platform release … continue reading

The story of BSD and open-source Linux

Bill Joy’s BSD has found its way into several open-source platforms … continue reading

Report reveals who’s writing Linux

Red Hat remains the top contributor, with Intel and Novell jockeying for second place … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Android and Linux do the reverse-fork maneuver

After some time apart, Android and Linux are together again, which is good for both … continue reading

Linux Foundation shows job opportunities

Three-month snapshot shows that Java still is on top, and jobs for developers are opening at a steady pace … continue reading

Open source has come of age

After 20 years of Linux and 30 years of open-source licensing, the movement is healthier and more mature than ever … continue reading

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