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Developers will soon be able to call .NET Framework code in Microsoft’s Azure Logic Apps

Microsoft is about to make it possible to call .NET Framework code from workflows in Azure Logic Apps, a low-code iPaaS solution for creating and running automated workflows.  Currently in preview, the new functionality will give developers flexibility and control in solving integration problems without having to add additional service plans into their environment.  According … continue reading

SD Times news digest: .NET Framework January 2022 update, Lucidworks announces new SaaS platform, YugaByte University expansion

Microsoft released the January 2022 Security and Quality Rollup Updates for .NET Framework. This security update addresses an issue where an unauthenticated attacker could cause a denial of service on an affected system. Other quality and reliability improvements include an AppContext Switch that can clean up connections on any kinds of failures even while running … continue reading

SD Times news digest: GitHub Issues gets new beta features, Amazon CodeGuru announces new integrations, Brave launches Brave Search beta

GitHub announced new beta features within GitHub issues to connect planning directly to the work teams are doing and to flexibly adapt to their needs whether that’s through project tables that are built like spreadsheets, custom fields, a keyboard-driven command palette, improved task lists and issue forms. “Often, we find ourselves creating a spreadsheet or … continue reading

Microsoft updates Visual Studio sign in, and monthly updates for .NET Framework and Windows

Microsoft is solving a major pain point developers have with Visual Studio. In response to complaints about the Visual Studio sign-in process, Microsoft has released improvements to prompt less sign-ins. “Pretty much every time I fire up Visual Studio, I get greeted by the little yellow warning symbol asking me to re-enter my credentials,” one … continue reading

Best practices for .NET Framework compatibility

Recent changes to the .NET Frameworks can provide developers with the tools and best practices they need to make supporting a new version of a framework easier. In a blog post written by Mike Rousos, a software engineer on the .NET team, he said that beginning with.NET Framework 4.0, all versions with a major version … continue reading

Apple computers can’t handle Oculus Rift, Google development tips, and .NET Compatibility Diagnostics—SD Times news digest: March 4, 2016

Oculus Rift won’t be coming to Apple anytime soon, at least not to any of the Apple computers on the market today. According to Shack News, Apple computers aren’t good enough to handle the company’s virtual reality headset. “That is up to Apple. If they ever release a good computer, we will do it,” Palmer … continue reading

Nevron releases Open Vision for .NET 2015.1

.NET developer tool provider Nevron Software has announced the official release of Nevron Open Vision 2015.1, its cross-platform component suite for .NET application development. The Open Vision 2015.1 release adds a new NOV Diagram for .NET framework, enabling developers to create diagramming solutions in WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Xamarin.Mac, MonoMac and ASP.NET environments. The framework offers … continue reading

The modern Visual Studio tool belt

Developing in Visual Studio is more complicated than it used to be. As Visual Studio 2015 approaches, Apache Cordova tools and open-source efforts around the .NET ecosystem open an array of new cross-platform and cross-OS possibilities for Windows developers looking to branch out across devices and onto Linux and Mac. As Microsoft’s flagship IDE grows … continue reading

Plugging in to Hadoop

Even if it’s not where they end up, Hadoop can be a great starting platform for a data-driven software company. That’s what San Francisco- and Taipei-based Fliptop found in 2009 when they launched a social media identity matching engine, ultimately employed by such companies as MailChimp, Dell, Toyota, Oracle and Nordstrom. Based on Amazon Web … continue reading Protection Status