Topic: security

Computer security researchers launch boycott of RSA conference

Security professionals are starting to withdraw from conference after a report revealed a contract between RSA and the NSA … continue reading

Intel CEO Unveils Products, Initiatives and Collaborations for More Immersive, Intuitive Experiences and Increased Device Security

Brian Krzanich demonstrated wearable device capabilities, and conflict-free microprocessors during his presentation … continue reading

Securing SharePoint: Understanding your data

Before storing your data in the cloud, know the kind and sensitivity of that data … continue reading

FIDO Alliance works to change nature of online authentication

Organization working with members to create alternatives to passwords that strengthen Web security … continue reading

Service Pack 1 is coming

Major update to SharePoint provides improvements to performance, stability and security … continue reading

A better approach to software security

This process identifies and prioritizes risks before dealing with them, which should ease things for developers … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Passwords stolen in Adobe breach were encrypted, not hashed

The breach occurred in a backup server, according to Adobe … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Adobe breach compromised more than 38 million users, Photoshop source code

The breach was bigger than indicated, and for a while a portion of Photoshop’s code was freely available … continue reading

Believe it or not, public clouds are more secure than private clouds

The maintenance that goes into public clouds makes them more reliable and harder to compromise … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Adobe deals with data breach affecting 2.9 million customers

It took the company two months to find (and admit to) the breach; stolen material included customer info and source code … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Apple Touch ID hacked by Chaos Computer Club

With a little patience, and a lot of high-resolution photos, laser printers and latex milk, criminals can crack your iPhone … continue reading

From the Editors: The big hole in Big Data

Companies that use Big Data products have to ensure security, or else; do not mistreat your open-source developers … continue reading

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