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Five reasons you need to be thinking about logs

Logs were previously the last-resort debugging tool that a developer or Ops pro turned to when a serious issue arose. They were seen as complex data streams that only the most sophisticated and knowledgeable of engineers could understand. However, today, thanks to log-management innovations like real-time analysis, parsing and event visualizations, logs are now used … continue reading

Microsoft reveals ‘trio of threats’ infecting Windows devices with malware

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report shows prevalence of deceptive download malware in 2013 … continue reading

SD Times Blog: It’s World Password Day

Today marks a public service announcement to remind Internet users to protect their online identity … continue reading

What the White House has to say about Big Data

John Podesta’s group finds Big Data is very beneficial but can also lead to discrimination and privacy breaches … continue reading

From the Editors: ‘Because we can’ isn’t good enough

Google Glass software that allows users to detect surveillance cameras takes the technology in an unpleasant direction … continue reading

SD Times Blog: New zero-day bug affects every version of Internet Explorer

Microsoft is working to fix a remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11 … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Trust, maybe verify, maybe not

For smaller companies, they must use code that they can’t verify themselves, leading to risky situations … continue reading

Microsoft updates its threat-modeling tool

Developers can now define their own threats and migrate preexisting threat models … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Watch Your Privacy, a Google Glass app that identifies surveillance cameras

Augmented reality browser add-on for the wearable device uses open data to map surveillance cameras worldwide … continue reading

Google bolsters Android security with continuous scans

New mobile security layers scans apps post-installation to detect malicious code … continue reading

SD Times Blog: weev is being released after scrape with AT&T

Internet troll is let off on an appeal after scraping e-mails from iPad users … continue reading

SD Times Blog: OpenSSL’s bleeding heart

A new vulnerability called the Heartbleed bug has been discovered in the cryptographic software library … continue reading

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