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Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week

#1: Awesome Awesomeness Continuing the trend of Awesome projects making it into the Top 5, Awesome Awesomeness is an awesome list curated by Alexander Bayandin of other Awesome curated lists, from awesome programming languages to awesome algorithms, awesome Big Data, awesome HTML5, awesome machine learning and many other awesome things. Enough awesome for you? #2: … continue reading

Microsoft debuts Safer TypeScript

Alternative type-checker and code generator uses static and dynamic checks to ensure TypeScript code safety … continue reading

Microsoft releases TypeScript 1.0 at Build

Custom version of JavaScript gets full support for Visual Studio … continue reading

SharePoint Spotlight: Robert Bogue

The “SharePoint Shepherd” goes over cloud deployments and SharePoint components … continue reading

TypeScript 1.0 RC now in the box with Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft announces the release candidate of its programming language that is meant to strengthen JavaScript … continue reading

The Visual Studio 2013 experience

A breakdown of the new features and major changes that differentiate 2013 from 2012 … continue reading

Microsoft introduces JavaScript ‘superset’

TypeScript language designed to make large-scale applications easier to develop … continue reading Protection Status