VoltDB today announced the release of VoltDB 4.0, the only high-speed operational database that combines breakthrough speed and real-time, in-memory analytics in a single database system. Using VoltDB 4.0, developers can build ultra-fast applications capable of analytic insights, allowing organizations to immediately take action on each piece of data to maximize business value.

There is a wealth of data available to organizations today that can provide actionable intelligence about customer and market behavior, website interactions, service performance and much more. Unfortunately, it often goes untapped because organizations don’t have the tools to perform real-time analytics on data moving at breakneck speed. VoltDB is purpose-built to enable applications such as telecommunications billing, gaming, sensor management, smart energy and capital markets to both interact in real-time and provide in-memory analytics so that organizations can capitalize on data the moment it arrives.

“The move toward virtualized infrastructure helps mobile service providers adapt as the manner in which mobile data is consumed and monetized continues to evolve,” said Joe Hogan, CTO and founder at Openet. “VoltDB is the logical choice for a cloud-deployable, transactional database that can flexibly handle high-volume data streams for service providers to monitor and leverage in real time.”

New Product Features 
VoltDB 4.0 features a tenfold throughput improvement of analytic queries and is capable of writes and reads on millions of data events per second. New features and key benefits include:
• Enhanced In-Memory Analytics
• Tenfold throughput improvement of analytic queries
• Large scale concurrent, multiuser access to data
• Ability to factor current data into analytics
• Enhanced SQL support
• Online Operation Improvements
 ◦ Online cluster expansion (data size, throughput) with new “elastic cluster” capability allowing for the addition of nodes to a running cluster
• Expanded Integrations
 ◦ Integration with existing data infrastructure such as message queue systems, improved JDBC driver, monitoring utilities such as New Relic
• MySQL Migration
 ◦ A new MySQL migration tool: Voltify
• Enhanced Training
 ◦ Online training with VoltDB Vanguard certification and new Development Center

In recognition of the market forces shaping the landscape for in-memory databases, Gartner published Who’s Who for In-Memory DBMS on January, 16, 2014.  In the report, analysts Donald Feinberg and Roxane Edjlali comment on the advantages represented by the combination of real-time transactional and analytical processing in operational databases: “The main business value offered by an IMDBMS is that it enables new business opportunities that would not have been possible previously. One example is SMS discount coupons sent to customers based on their preferences when they are in, or close to, a shop. Another example comes from online gambling, where the handicap is computed during an ongoing match. To support such use cases, both the transactional data and the analytics need to be available in real time. The promise of in-memory DBMSs is to enable hybrid transactional and analytical processing platform (HTAP) use cases without having to move the data from one to the other.”

“VoltDB 4.0 makes possible high-performance, exceptionally fast business applications designed to realize the promise of Big Data for many industries,” said Bruce Reading president and CEO of VoltDB. “There are some databases that provide in-memory analytical capabilities and others that capably run operational workloads, but VoltDB 4.0 is the only high speed operational database that delivers real-time data processing and in-memory analytics in a single database system.”

Get to know 4.0 in a live, interactive webcast hosted by VoltDB’s VP of Engineering John Piekos, taking place January 29th at 2 p.m. Eastern. To register now visit: http://goo.gl/0CyEQf


VoltDB 4.0 is currently available for immediate download at www.voltdb.com. For more information or to request a quote, please contact sales@voltdb.com.