Angular has announced a new roadmap in order to update users on what the team is working on and projects it may be considering in the future. According to the team, this is the first formal roadmap it has published, and it will maintain it quarterly. 

“We see the roadmap release as a footprint for increasing the visibility of our engineering processes. This is the foundation for improving our collaboration with the community to grow Angular and move the Web forward together,” Jules Kremer, engineering manager at Google, wrote in a post

Currently, the roadmap includes projects from the backlog that are in-progress or will be worked on soon. Additionally, the team will include work that “affects Angular’s own developer and projects that apply only to the internal development.”

The roadmap is split into in-progress projects and future projects. Projects on the roadmap are not associated with any particular Angular version, and will be released upon completion — following its semantic versioning release schedule. 

According to the roadmap, current in-progress projects include operation byelog, support for TypeScript 4.0, e2e testing strategy, Angular libraries and language services that use Ivy, and support for native Trusted Types. 

Future projects include: refreshing introductory documentation, strict typing, webpack 5 in the Angular CLI and removing the legacy view engine.