The first stable release of C#/XAML for HTML5 1.1 is now available. According to the team, the release signals CSHTML5 as a final product that will get regular updates. CSHTML5 enables developers to create HTML5 apps with C#, XAML and Visual Studio.

The release features bug fixes as well as new improvements including support for custom fonts, ItemContainerStyle, AncestorType, RadialGradientBrush, and the ability to customize the Loading screen.

The team also announced it is looking to integrate Blazor/WebAssembly and Bridge.NET technologies into CSHTML5.

Release notes are available here.

Google announces new Dialogflow features

Google has announced new updates to its conversational interface development suite for building AI experiences. Dialogflow now features beta versions and environments, improved conversation history tool for debugging, and training with negative examples. Google explained the updates are designed to help enterprises create, maintain and improve their AI conversational experiences.

Versions and environments enable users to build, test, deploy and iterate their interfaces. The improved history tool now provides conversations between users and agents, and flags places where the agent was unable to carry out a user’s intent. Lastly, the training with negative examples aims to improve precision.  

Cloudera updates focus on data scientists and data engineers

Cloudera wants to make data scientists and data engineers more productive with new ways to operationalize data insights and grow, connect, and protect businesses. The company announced a slew of new features designed to help data teams collaborate and deliver models to production faster.

Updates include: Cloudera Data Science Workbench 1.4, Cloudera Atlus availability on Microsoft Azure, and Cloudera Enterprise 6.0 with improved performance.

“We believe data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. With enhanced capabilities in machine learning, analytics, and cloud, the new software products and cloud services we are announcing will enable our customers to more rapidly gain competitive advantages in the data economy,” said Tom Reilly, CEO at Cloudera. “These enhancements demonstrate Cloudera’s commitment to market-leading innovations that empower enterprises to securely transform complex data into clear and actionable insights to propel their digital transformation.”

Yubico brings mobile SDK to iOS

The company known for creating passwordless experiences is now providing a new mobile software development kit for iOS app developers. The SDK will enable developers to integrate the company’s NEO near-field communication two-factor authentication into iOS apps.

“It’s absolutely critical to have a hardware-based root of trust, like the YubiKey, to establish an approved relationship between a mobile phone and the apps we use,” said Stina Ehrensvard, CEO and founder of Yubico. “Mobile authentication methods, like SMS or push apps, cannot be considered as trusted second factors to authenticate in a mobile app setting. They can be spoofed by porting a number to a different mobile device or can be very unreliable at the mercy of the phone networks.”