Dave Haeffner Presents Practical Tips & Tricks for Selenium Test Automation

LIVE DATE: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 TIME: 2:00 PM EST Have unanswered Selenium questions? Want to learn how to use Selenium like a Pro? Join Dave Haeffner – author of The Selenium Guidebook – as he steps through the best and most useful tips & tricks from his weekly Selenium tip newsletter (Elemental Selenium). Topics covered … continue reading

Visualizing Complex Data within Your Ext JS Apps Using D3

  RECORDED EVENT: As organizations look for efficient ways to present complex data, the D3 library has taken data visualization to a  new level. D3 provides spectacular visuals, that  go beyond normal charts and graphs, to help users understand complex and near-infinite data. Many enterprises are now using D3 visualizations to make sense of their … continue reading

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