Neotys: Neotys helps companies improve the quality, reliability and speed of their Web and mobile applications using next-gen load and performance testing products and services. NeoLoad is a load and performance testing solution designed for Web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behavior. NeoLoad has fully integrated mobile device simulation and network emulation capabilities, and enables agile teams to automate testing with wizards, pickers, checkers and integrations with CI servers like Jenkins.

Orasi: Orasi is a leading provider of software testing services utilizing test management, test automation, enterprise testing, environment hosting and mobile testing technology. The company is laser-focused on helping customers deliver high-quality applications, no matter the type of application they’re working on and no matter the development methods or delivery processes they’ve adopted. In addition to its end-to-end software testing, Orasi provides professional services around testing, processes and practices as well as software quality assurance tools and solutions to support those practices.

Parasoft: For 27 years, Parasoft has researched and developed software solutions that help organizations define and deliver defect-free software efficiently. By integrating development testing, API testing and service virtualization, reduce the time, effort and cost of delivering secure, reliable and compliant software. The majority of Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft in order to produce top-quality software consistently and efficiently.

QASymphony: QASymphony offers a suite of testing tools built from the ground up for agile. Through its visual-based tools, QAS provides insight into exploratory, automated and scripted testing details. qTest eXplorer records and documents exploratory testing, and also saves time when performing traditional manual testing. QASymphony also provides qTest, a scalable test-management solution that allows organizations to coordinate, track and manage multiple software testing projects and teams across multiple locations in real time.

SOASTA: SOASTA’s cloud-based platform delivers key testing capabilities uniquely suited to the next generation of Web and mobile applications. It provides real-time analytics, visual test creation, cross-cloud grid provisioning, and the ability to start, stop, pause and restart tests. CloudTest allows testers to build, execute and analyze performance tests of any scale inside the dev lab, all the way to live production. TouchTest delivers mobile functional test automation capabilities for multi-touch, gesture-based mobile applications.

Telerik: Test Studio and Mobile Testing are sets of test automation tools that help teams be more efficient in regression testing, improving test coverage and reducing the number of bugs that slip into production. The company offers automation solutions for GUI, load and performance testing for desktop, Web, hybrid and native apps running on any device (Android/iOS/Windows Phone). Tests can be authored in C#, VB.NET or JavaScript.

TestingWhiz: TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation solution for Web and cloud applications. It performs functional test automation, mobile test execution, Web UI comparison, database testing, Captcha automation, automated regression testing, distributed test execution, keyword-driven testing and data-driven testing, and provides a scheduler to enable testers to run test scripts at a predefined time. There is an enterprise edition of TestingWhiz for large distributed test teams as well as a community edition for small test teams and individual testers.