Google has announced the new Google Cloud Console, a mobile app for Android and iOS to help developers manage cloud platform resources from their devices.

Google Cloud Console lets developers view the overall health of their system, view projects, set alerts, monitor billing, and manage Google Cloud Platform resources. The console has the ability to manage Google App Engine apps and Google Compute Engine VMs for monitoring CPU usage, disk and network status.

More information is available in the Google Cloud Platform blog post.

Microsoft joins Thread Group to promote IoT interoperability
Microsoft has announced it has joined the Thread Group, an organization dedicated to advancing interoperability and communication between Internet of Things devices.

Thread is a communication layer that provides secure and efficient packet delivery using industry-standard protocols, built on a mesh network that can transport many different protocols and application standards. Thread is designed to work over standard 802.15.4 radios and its native use of IPv6 allows message routing to WiFi networks and the wider Internet to simplify how IoT devices in a Thread mesh network can interact with cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure IoT.

The company’s Thread Group membership complements existing IoT efforts such as AllJoyn framework support in Windows 10 through participation in the AllSeen Alliance.

More details are available on Microsoft’s blog.