Kony announces Kony Visualizer
Kony is releasing a new mobile app design and development solution for Android, iOS, Windows and the Web. Kony Visualizer allows business users, designers and developers to collaborate, create native and Web mobile app experiences, and cut development time by half, according to the company.

“We’ve heard from our customers that the majority of defects found in apps are directly related to the user interface design and experience,” said Burley Kawasaki, senior vice president of products, Kony. “To solve this issue, we have built Kony Visualizer to fundamentally change the process of creating stunning mobile app designs.”

Features include a collaborative cloud environment for real-time feedback and iteration, the ability to click-through preview apps without manual software coding, collaboration capabilities, and iterative design and development.

IBM launches Watson analytics
IBM announced a new product called Watson Analytics, an enterprise offering providing access to predictive and visual analytics tool for Big Data, including processing the company’s hallmark natural language-based cognitive service, often referred to as a “supercomputer.”

Watson Analytics is a cloud application that compiles, analyzes and visualizes Big Data in a single enterprise environment for analysis, communication and collaboration within an enterprise. Built on top of the Watson platform, Watson Analytics also uses natural language dialogue to communicate results.

The analytics platform will be hosted on SoftLayer, and the first release will include a freemium version for desktop and mobile.

More information on Watson Analytics is available in the IBM press release.

Google’s Dart gets new Google APIs client libraries
Google’s programming language Dart is getting a new client library to help Dart apps use Google services.