Microsoft Copilot update enables advanced image generation

Microsoft announced updates to Copilot, including Designer, which enables users to go beyond just creating images to customize generated images with inline editing inside Copilot, according to the company in a blog post.  “With a simple sentence or two, you will see a budding entrepreneur turn a fledgling idea for a new product into an … continue reading

Amplitude extends platform with session replay and simplified pricing

Amplitude has announced significant enhancements to its Digital Analytics Platform, introducing Session Replay, advanced experimentation features, and a user-friendly event tagging system. Session Replay merges qualitative with quantitative data, offering companies deeper insights into the reasons behind user behaviors. It offers a visual representation of the user’s journey, highlighting areas of interest and potential obstacles, … continue reading

Applitools announces autonomous testing capabilities

Applitools announced the addition of Autonomous to its Intelligent Testing Platform. Autonomous is an autonomous test automation platform that brings together code-based testing with codeless autonomous testing, making it accessible to all regardless of coding experience. Applitools stated that it is addressing the challenges that come with traditional testing methodologies that often don’t keep up … continue reading

Linux Foundation forms Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance

The Linux Foundation has recently launched the Post-Quantum Cryptography Alliance (PQCA), a collaborative effort aimed at advancing and facilitating the adoption of post-quantum cryptography in response to the emerging threats of quantum computing.  This alliance assembles diverse stakeholders, including industry leaders, researchers, and developers, focusing on creating high-assurance software implementations of standardized algorithms. The initiative … continue reading

OpenText updates security auditing tool to help developers navigate increasingly complex threat landscape

OpenText has unveiled the second generation of its advanced application security auditing tool, Fortify Audit Assistant. This announcement was made in anticipation of the inaugural OpenText Security Summit 2024 scheduled for February 6.  The technology is designed to meet the challenges faced by today’s developers, who are navigating an increasingly complex threat landscape in multi-cloud … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: ClimateTriage

ClimateTriage is a specialized platform aimed at connecting developers with open technologies that aim to manage and stabilize our natural resources. This platform, built on a statically exported Next.js framework, aims to streamline the process for developers to find and join impactful sustainability projects. The collaboration between the Open Sustainable Technology community and the … continue reading announced that it has raised $17.8M in an oversubscribed Series A funding round, the zero trust data protection pioneer converging data security, privacy, and AI governance, announced that it had raised $17.8M in an oversubscribed Series A funding round.  “In the era of Generative AI breakthroughs, organizations are empowered to unlock valuable insights from customer data. However, this advancement poses the crucial challenge of ensuring secure and … continue reading

Apple makes changes to iOS, Safari, and App Store in response to EU’s Digital Markets Act

Apple has announced significant updates to iOS, Safari, and the App Store, specifically for the European Union, in response to the Digital Markets Act (DMA).  These updates encompass over 600 new APIs, enhanced app analytics, support for alternative browser engines, and more options for app payment processing and iOS app distribution. These changes aim to … continue reading

SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Astro

Astro is a web framework designed for creating content-driven websites. It’s recognized for powering some of the fastest websites on the internet, including a range of applications from client-side web apps to dynamic API endpoints. The framework offers versatility and is capable of handling various types of web development needs. The framework boasts a next-generation … continue reading

SnapLogic releases no-code tool for building generative AI apps, GenAI Builder

SnapLogic has introduced GenAI Builder, a no-code generative AI tool for developing applications for enterprises. It’s designed to work with a variety of data sources, including old mainframe data and modern databases/APIs, and uses conversational AI to enhance digital interactions for customers, employees, and partners. GenAI Builder is part of SnapLogic’s AI suite, helping businesses … continue reading

pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition open preview brings benefits of distributed PostgreSQL to developers

pgEdge, a provider of a distributed Postgres database system, announced the release of pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition in open preview. This edition for developers offers rapid setup and a generous free tier for evaluations and small projects.  pgEdge Cloud Developer Edition offers a fully managed, serverless distributed Postgres database that’s user-friendly for developers. It allows … continue reading

Kyndryl releases new tool to help companies streamline and automate business processes

Kyndryl has launched its Kyndryl Workflow Orchestration services. This new generative AI-powered solution aims to transform the digital workplace by automating, accelerating, and streamlining vital business processes.  It offers a comprehensive package that enhances the digital workplace experience for both employees and customers. The service is particularly beneficial for those looking to leverage no-code/low-code solutions … continue reading

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