Stackery is enabling developers to locally debug and develop any Lambda function in any language or framework. The serverless solution provider announced cloudlocal for all, a new capability designed to speed up serverless development. 

“We arrived at this pivotal Stackery update because there was a real need for reduced debugging friction and the ability to ship new functionality faster,” Sam Goldstein, vice president of product and engineering at Stackery, wrote in a post. “Cloudlocal development improves on developer/team productivity radically and renders development more flexible.”

According to the company, the tool is framework independent, enabling developers to develop and debug any Lambda function they are able to access in AWS. In addition, it invokes any of the 86 AWS CloudFormation resources and can connect to other cloud resources. Developers are not required to have a Stackery account in order to take advantage of its capabilities.

“Our new ‘cloudlocal for all’ feature also allows you to debug any Lambda function you have deployed in your preferred language,” Goldstein wrote. “We’re not just enabling you to level up your serverless development workflow, we’re letting you do it on your own terms.