This week’s featured GitHub project, Vorlon.js, is an extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remote JavaScript debugging and testing.

Developed by the Microsoft DirectX team, Vorlon.js is powered by Node.js and the real-time event-based communication engine. John Shewchuk, a Microsoft technical fellow and CTO of the Microsoft Developer Platform, introduced Vorlon last week at Build and expanded upon it in a blog post.

“Imagine being able to easily use any browser to debug your website or Web app running anywhere,” he wrote. “What we demonstrated at Build went a little further. In the keynote, I used ManifoldJS to turn a responsive website into mobile applications. In less than a minute, I converted the website into mobile apps for iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Windows 8 and Windows 10. And on Windows 10, it is a universal Windows app that runs across Windows phone, desktop, tablet and Xbox.

“Doing that is very easy—and a pretty cool way to quickly create both a website and all of the mobile apps for the most widely used platforms. Now with Vorlon, you can debug the website and any of these mobile apps—all remotely.”

Vorlon can be installed by adding a single line of JavaScript to a Web app and controlled via the Vorlon dashboard, capable of remotely running on up to 50 devices simultaneously. The remote debugging also includes a DOM inspector as well as the Modernizr JavaScript library for detecting HTML5 and CSS3 features in a user’s browser.

The open-source project is still in its early stages and cannot yet support setting breakpoints, but it has received 115 commits and approximately 900 stars in less than two weeks. More details about Vorlon.js can be found here.