The team at Asana, the network management platform, today announced a new suite of features and product integrations that offer enterprises a holistic view of progress against strategic initiatives in order to inform resource allocations and planning quickly. 

The offerings are intended to assist organizations in shifting priorities as business needs change with new goals reporting, decrease repeated cross-functional work and wasted costs with an integrated tech stack, and scale global security with enterprise security features.

“Enterprise organizations face enormous uncertainty as they steer volatile market conditions. We’re hearing from our customers that they need better ways to align teams as priorities shift in order to accelerate growth,” said Saket Srivastava, chief information officer at Asana. “With Enterprise-Grade Goals that tie team priorities to business outcomes, workflow and integration updates that help cross-functional teams reduce redundancies and errors, and advanced security features, organizations can serve customers and stakeholders more effectively.”

With this release, enterprises have access to advanced reporting and dashboards for goals, built on the proprietary Asana Work Graph. 

This provides executives with a birds eye view into the status of their company’s goals, which projects and portfolios are helping with the progress of those goals, impact on business outcomes, and roadblocks.

Additionally, with new ways to bring data from several external tools into Asana, Asana becomes a centralized place for cross-functional teams to better track work being done together, avoid time-consuming redundancies, minimize costs, and decrease errors.

According to the company, these new features also work to improve security by auditing what information is entered, flagging vulnerabilities, and maintaining compliance within highly-regulated industries.

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