The application development company Outsystems today announced that it has acquired Ionic, a platform used to build mobile and desktop applications utilizing web technology. 

The combination of the companies is intended to help IT leaders improve the way they build, deliver, and continuously update business-critical applications with an emphasis on quality, performance, security, and scale. 

According to OutSystems, with the range of development approaches covered by both companies, users will be able to choose the tools that are the most well suited for the requirements of their application as well as their development teams’ expertise and coding preferences.

“We founded OutSystems to help customers innovate faster and fundamentally change how enterprise software is developed. Ionic is a continuation and expansion of this vision,” said Paulo Rosado, founder and CEO of OutSystems. “The Ionic team, technology, and community are integral to our strategy as we redefine the future of software development. Like us, the Ionic team is laser-focused on building the best experience for developers. Together, we’ll do even more to help enterprise software teams massively improve their performance and deliver strategic applications that were once only achievable for elite development teams with unlimited budgets and resources.”

Ionic is the company responsible for several open-source projects, such as Ionic Framework, a mobile UI toolkit; Capacitor, a tool used to natively deploying web applications; and Stencil, a toolchain for building web component-based design systems

Ionic, along with its open-source products, will continue to operate independently as well as working to complement the OutSystems platform, including OutSystems Cloud and cloud-native development environments.

“I’m extremely proud of what Ionic and our community have accomplished and know that together Ionic and OutSystems will be an unstoppable force in enterprise application development,” said Max Lynch, co-founder and CEO of Ionic. “OutSystems shares our community-centric approach and focus on making software development easier and more accessible, whether you’re a solo developer or a larger business. With OutSystems, we’ll be able to take our vision even further, provide additional value to our customers and community members, and significantly increase our investments in open source product development and R&D.”