Digital experience platform provider Episerver has announced that it is acquiring experimentation and optimization company Optimizely. 

The acquisition will enable Episerver to help customers optimize every user touchpoint. According to the cmopany, customers will be able to do more testing with greater ease than ever before.

“While every B2B and B2C company is online today, not every team is using customer insights to confidently seize new opportunities and adapt to challenges,” said Alex Atzberger, CEO of Episerver. “I’m thrilled that with the completion of our acquisition of Optimizely, we are democratizing experimentation so companies can replace guesswork with evidence-based outcomes that drive transformation, customer engagement, and brand differentiation.” 

Episerver will now be able to provide benefits like experience innovation based on real customer insights, increased testing agility, and improved outcomes through unique digital experiences.

Following the acquisition, it will serve about 9,000 customers and 900 partners in industry segments such as retail, manufacturing and distribution, financial services, insurance, healthcare, media, and technology.