In order to simplify continuous integration, Google Cloud Build is being added to GitHub. Cloud Build enables developers to make fast, consistent, and reliable builds across all languages. The integration makes it easy to set up CI through Google Cloud Build, and then automate builds and tests as part of a GitHub workflow.

GitHub is adding smart recommendations so that it will automatically suggest a CI tool such as Cloud Build in the GitHub Marketplace if one is not already in place. Cloud Build will also make use of the Checks API to show detailed status reports, annotated code, and other information all from within GitHub.

Dynatrace adds automated support for Google Cloud Platform environments
Dynatrace has announced automated support for Google Cloud Platform environments, allowing operations teams to eliminate manual and siloed monitoring of independent Kubernetes clusters and enabling AI-assisted answers to performance problems.

“Historically, due to the complexity of enterprise cloud environments, monitoring solutions for GCP have operated in siloes, focusing only on Kubernetes clusters or workloads independently. This has rendered organizations unable to understand how performance problems within one application or container may be impacting the performance of others. As a result, enterprises can easily overlook performance issues that put the software performance at risk,” said Alois Reitbauer, VP, Chief Technology Strategist, Dynatrace.

According to Dynatrace, the newly added capabilities include anomaly detection and problem causation determination, which will help provide organizations with a more holistic understanding of the health of complex IT environments.

Microsoft releases preview of F# 4.5
Microsoft has announced that it will soon be releasing F# 4.5 and is releasing a preview before the full release.

The last release of F# was 4.1, which means this version is a skip of four decimal places. Microsoft explained that the reason for this jump is because previously different items (language version, FShare.Core binary version, and FSharp.Core NuGet package) in the language had different version numbers, which was confusing for users. From now on the major and minor versions for those three assets will be synced up.

New features include a new feature set aligned with the new Span feature in .NET Core 2.1, safety rules for byrefs, and a new keyword: match! A complete list of features can be found here.