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Google Cloud integrates Gemini into Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow and Google Cloud have announced a new partnership aimed at better serving information to developers. Google Cloud will be integrating the AI model Gemini into Stack Overflow to surface relevant content in response to searches, and Google Cloud will also begin pulling in information directly from Stack Overflow so that developers don’t have … continue reading

Google’s Gemini Pro now available to developers via Google AI Studio and Vertex AI

After announcing its new multimodal AI model Gemini last week, Google is making several announcements today to enable developers to build with it.  When first announced, Google said that Gemini will come in three different versions, each tailored to a different size or complexity requirement. In order from largest to smallest, Gemini is available in … continue reading

Google unveils Gemini, a new multimodal AI model

Google has announced its latest AI model, Gemini, which was built from the start to be multimodal so that it could interpret information in multiple formats, spanning text, code, audio, image, and video. According to Google, the typical approach for creating a multimodal model involves training components for different information formats separately and then combining … continue reading Protection Status