BlackBerry is jumping into the wearables space. The company just announced BBM support for a wide range of Android Wear wearable devices.

“The integration of BBM to support wearable technology is just one way we’re expanding the capabilities of our portfolio and delivering exciting options for customers to easily access BlackBerry’s cross-platform technologies,” said Herman Li, senior vice president of BBM engineering and product management at BlackBerry.

Users will be able to access BBM alerts, read and respond to BBM messages, and accept BBM invites, all from their Android Wear devices without having to access their smartphones.

In addition, the company announced a new cloud-based Internet of Things platform designed to provide a secure and scalable way for developers to manage and develop IoT apps and devices.

The platform includes cloud services to collect, analyze and manage data and devices, analytics, data permissions and authentication, storage, and integration connectors.

“Looking ahead, we will extend the platform with other BlackBerry technologies to give developers additional control over the flow of information to devices on the network’s edge,” said Matt Hoffman, vice president of strategy and marketing for BlackBerry Technology Solutions.

Eye Tribe’s eye-tracking SDK now available for Android
The Eye Tribe Tracker is adding another platform to support its SDK. In addition to OS X and Windows, the Eye Tribe Eye Tracking SDK will now be available for Android, allowing Android developers to apply eye tracking into their mobile applications.