CollabNet, a provider of agile application life-cycle management tools, acquired Codesion today. Codesion, formerly known as CVSDude, is the creator of a hosted platform for software configuration management. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Now that it has Codesion’s hosting platform, CollabNet’s Subversion open-source version-control tool is offered in the cloud. The platform also delivers the Git distributed version control system and other applications as Software-as-a-Service.

“What CollabNet has never really done is make Subversion ‘instant-on’ in the cloud,” said CollabNet’s CEO Bill Portelli. “But now it can be turned on instantly and linked to other open-source tools.”

Guy Marion, Codesion’s CEO, added, “We found customers needed more than just hosted applications. They needed something end-to-end [from production to delivery] and in a secure manner.” Since the acquisition, Marion became vice president and general manager of the Codesion cloud services business unit within CollabNet.

There are a lot of synergies between the two companies, Portelli added, and now developers can securely code, connect and deploy to cloud providers such as Amazon or Joyent.

Marion also pointed out that CollabNet’s acquisition was a natural fit for Codesion and its customer community. Until now, all portions of Codesion were automated, he explained, but CollabNet provides an opportunity to gain access to a community of Subversion developers, instructor-led courses, and other community-related services.

CollabNet Codesion hosting services are available in Team, Professional and Enterprise editions, and can integrate with Web-based project management tools such as Basecamp and Trac, CollabNet TeamForge (a suite of Web-based development and collaboration tools), and more.

In addition, CollabNet’s multi-tenant version of TeamForge, CollabNet TeamForge Project, will integrate into Codesion’s cloud service as well as its ScrumWorks Pro agile project management software. The products will also continue to be offered on-premise.

With this acquisition, CollabNet will continue to serve Codesion’s customers, and its employees will become part of CollabNet.