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SD Times Blog: Developers can now charge for HTML5 Web apps in the Amazon Appstore

Amazon announced a change that allows developers to price HTML5 apps just like their native coded counterparts … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Amazon launches redesigned developer portal

New features include Android APK drag-and-drop, and site-wide search … continue reading

The cloud in 2013: Expanding the possibilities

Competition meant increased capacity and capabilities … continue reading

Amazon Web Services goes under the microscope at Cloud DevCon

In June, cloud developers will gather to share what they’ve learned and what more they can gain from cloud computing … continue reading

From the Editors: If it inflates like a bubble…

Social media technologies seem to be going at an unsustainable pace, not unlike the dot-com companies of yesteryear … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Google’s $10 method for scaling apps from zero to a million requests per second

Google Cloud Platform services simplifies cloud app scaling using Compute Engine Load Balancing … continue reading

Cloud Technology Partners announces PaaSLane for AWS

Free during beta, PaaSLane accelerates application migration to Amazon Web Services … continue reading

Crowdturfing: Duping the Internet thousands of posts at a time

Revelation that Samsung tried paying StackOverflow contributors to do its marketing is the tip of the astroturfing iceberg … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Why did Bezos buy The Washington Post?

Purchasing the Post wasn’t just about saving an ailing industry, it could also be about Washington itself. … continue reading

Amazon Redshift shifts data warehousing to the cloud

New service inside Amazon Web Services stores petabytes of data for the long term … continue reading

Jaspersoft integrates business intelligence with Amazon data warehousing

Cloud-based utility allows Amazon developers to build business intelligence into their apps … continue reading Protection Status