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Analysis: Apache threatens to cut off Java SE 7

The move against Oracle is nothing new as long-brewing battle over Harmony and the Java 1.5 TCK boils over into the JCP … continue reading

Azul unboxes its JVM with Zing platform

Zing allows Java applications to scale as a single, large virtual machine instead of across smaller machines … continue reading

Integration Watch: Oracle, IBM, and Google… and Java

Fear over Oracle’s control over Java is unfounded; its revamps to Java will improve the platform … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Whose job is it to maintain Java?

Apple is indicating that it no longer wants to supposrt Java; should Oracle pick up the slack? … continue reading

The future of Java, as told by IBM and Oracle

The companies plan to address possible forks, the JCP’s status and tiered implementations … continue reading

From the Editors: Fresh Java

Oracle’s actions at JavaOne were comforting to developers; BlackBerry better not intend its PlayBook for ordinary consumers … continue reading

Integration Watch: Between Java and Ruby

Not much is happening in the land of Java, but Ruby is getting more traction with JRuby … continue reading

Google seeks dismissal of Oracle lawsuit

Android creator says claims of copyright infringement are ‘broad and vague,’ and cite Java as being open source … continue reading

Mixed reactions from attendees about JavaOne

Al Hilwa, Mike Milinkovich and Laxmi Poruri share their thoughts about Oracle’s first foray into JavaOne … continue reading

From the Editors: Java is safe, for now

Over the long term, though Java may not be a viable platform to make money on; Apple easing its restrictions is a good thing … continue reading

InterSystems’ Cache improves Java support

Company upgrades support for Java developers, pushes additional changes into 2010 release … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Oracle’s Tent City, San Francisco, U.S.A.

Oracle’s conferences came through this week in a big way, and the company has hardly looked better … continue reading

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