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Nim e-book now available, Google and Movidius team up on deep learning, and creating a Twitter bot with Node.js—SD Times news digest: Jan. 28, 2016

“Nim in Action,” a book about the Nim programming language, is now available. The book introduces the Nim programming language, teaching programmers how to write native software applications and libraries, Web applications, embedded device software, and programs that communicate over the Internet. It explains hands-on examples of how to write test, debug, document and package … continue reading

Mobile testing in an IoT world

With agile and DevOps becoming the new normal, mobile testing has become increasingly complex. The releases come at a rapid-fire pace, and the stakes for mistakes are high. Since the Internet of Things has moved forward, the complexity of devices has also increased. Now, smartphones need to communicate with appliances and televisions need to communicate … continue reading

Google Cardboard SDKs now support spatial audio

Humans are constantly engaged in sound, and with mobile devices and virtual reality headsets becoming increasingly popular, sound is becoming more immersive. Today, the Cardboard SDKs for Android and Unity support spatial audio so developers can create immersive audio experiences in virtual reality apps, according to Nathan Martz, product manager for Google Cardboard. Users will … continue reading

BlackBerry turns to Android

In an effort to save its smartphone business, BlackBerry is abandoning its mobile operating system BlackBerry 10 (BB10) in favor of Android this year. CNET reported the company’s CEO John Chen confirmed that it will release at least one new phone next year, and it will be powered by Google’s operating system. The company made … continue reading

Sencha GXT 4 now covers Java developers building Web apps

For developers who use tools to build desktop applications, there’s Sencha’s announcement of the availability of Sencha GXT 4, which now allows them to extend their desktop applications to tablet devices with little to no modification to the existing application codebase. Sencha GXT 4 is a comprehensive Java framework for building feature-rich applications, which Java … continue reading

Nokia provides insight into its mobile comeback

It has been widely speculated that Nokia will eventually make its way back into the mobile market, and now a spokesman for the company is providing more insight into its plan. “For 14 years Nokia was the biggest cell phone maker in the world, and the brand became a household name—one that evoked quality, innovation … continue reading

Microsoft to cut 7,800 phone business jobs, Dynatrace’s new real-time ‘cockpit’ platform and Text Control moves to GitHub–SD Times news digest: July 8, 2015

Microsoft has announced plans to cut up to 7,800 additional jobs over the next several months, primarily focused on its mobile phone business. In an email to employees, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella detailed the restructuring of the company’s phone business, which will incur an impairment charge of approximately US$7.6 billion related to Microsoft’s acquired Nokia Devices … continue reading

BlackBerry unveils a mobile and IoT security initiative

BlackBerry does not want to be forgotten. Although the company may have fallen off most mobile phone users’ radars, the company is trying to make sure it stays relevant in today’s mobile world. The company announced it has launched a new initiative to help improve the security of mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. … continue reading

From the Editors: Android developers all revved up and nowhere to code

Android offers more active users, exciting features and platform opportunities today than ever before, but app developers have never been more lost. Within the existing smartphone and tablet market, the OS landscape is fragmented between every Android version from Gingerbread to Lollipop, which currently holds little more than 3% of the pie. Now Google is … continue reading

Sixteen million mobile devices infected by malicious software, report says

A new report from Alcatel-Lucent’s Motive Security Labs has revealed that 16 million mobile devices infected with malicious software. “The simple fact is mobile consumers don’t take the necessary security precautions to protect their devices, and even when they do, malware can easily evade detection by device security-based anti-virus,” wrote Kevin McNamee, director of Motive … continue reading

Apple and Ericsson take legal action over patent agreement

Apple and Ericsson’s fight over a patent agreement continues. Both companies have been arguing for about two years over patents and royalties since Apple’s global license agreement with Ericsson expired. Earlier this week, Apple filed a lawsuit in the United States District for the Northern District of California, asking the court to rule that it … continue reading

Guest View: Website and app performance: The 100-millisecond challenge

In a world of instant gratification: What response time goals should be set, and how will we achieve them? The early years It was only a few years ago when site designers wanted to get their websites to load under 10 seconds, and load testing was only used to verify if it will crash or … continue reading Protection Status