“With the generous support of Google, we can celebrate the mainstream role of computing in transforming the world and the way we communicate, conduct business, and access entertainment,” said Alexander Wolf, president of the ACM.

The Turing Award, named after Alan Turing (who laid the foundation to today’s interconnected world), is meant to honor computer scientist and engineers who have developed systems and theoretical foundations that drive the IT industry. According to the ACM, the 2014 Turning Award will be presented at the ACM Awards Banquet next spring.

Temasys unveils AWS-based Skylink platform for WebRTC at AWS re:Invent
Temasys, a Singapore-based WebRTC startup, has announced Skylink, a new WebRTC-powered cloud platform, at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas.

According to the company, Skylink and the Skylink API enable developers and enterprises to integrate the WebRTC real-time in-browser communication standard into devices, applications, websites and browsers. Skylink is built entirely on Amazon Web Services, and the SkylinkJS Web API is available via the Temasys developer portal. Skylink iOS and Android SDKs are currently in private beta.

More information on Skylink is available here, and check out our re:Invent roundup for all the big news out of the AWS conference.