Why decentralized architectures will power next-gen virtual worlds and gaming environments

People buy digital assets in games every day. In fact, 89.5 percent of all commerce associated with gaming in 2022 was digital, per The Digital Entertainment and Retail Association. True ownership of those digital assets, however, remains a huge, intrinsic problem for the gaming industry.  In practice, the sales of these assets are more akin … continue reading

Running automation in circle: Promoting cross-functional collaboration with automated testing

As technology stacks become more complex and companies rely on infrastructure as code to manage their systems, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure the quality of not just the product, but the entire user experience. In order to do this effectively, testing teams must look beyond their product to understand and optimize the entire … continue reading

In the low-code era, codeless testing tools deliver the efficiency and profitability coded test automation can’t

The use of low code and no code gained traction in recent years as demand continues to rise for faster and more efficient application development. To keep pace with the influx of newly built applications, many IT leaders are investing in testing automation — a market that’s projected to show a compound annual growth rate of … continue reading

Beware of fake open source

Open source is at the heart of nearly all software today: A staggering 96 percent of applications contained open-source code and 90 percent of companies leverage open source in some way. It’s no surprise that the adoption rate of open source is sky-high. It provides companies with incredible perks like greater speed of innovation, agility, and flexibility—all at … continue reading

It all comes down to developers

What if I told you that this year was going to change the way developers build for unified communications, forever cementing a place in traditional industries like manufacturing and medicine?  We all know the critical role software developers have played as the driving force beyond today’s connected collaboration capabilities. But I think that role will … continue reading

The Layers and Phases of Effective Digital Transformations

Technology is a tool, not a strategy. When a company undergoes a digital transformation, they are embedding technologies across their businesses to drive fundamental change, often resulting in increased efficiency and greater agility. But that change doesn’t just happen on its own overnight, and a big reason why only 30 percent of transformations are successful … continue reading

The future of developer enablement in software security

How developer-friendly is your organization’s security program? The answer is as important as ever in today’s digital economy. High-performing organizations empower developers with tools, training and resources to do high-quality work, with security top of mind. This results in the ability to build secure applications quickly that consistently meet expectations and mitigate risk. As we … continue reading

AI needs automated testing, monitoring

In the 1990’s, when software started to become ubiquitous in the business world, quality was still a big issue. It was common for new software and upgrades to be buggy and unreliable, and rollouts were difficult.  Software testing was mostly a manual process, and the people developing the software typically also tested it. Seeing a need in … continue reading

The Project Management Task You (Almost) Never Complete

The James Webb Space Telescope is the largest optical space telescope ever built. It is designed to see back more than 13 billion years to the dawn of the universe. While the telescope’s functionality is meeting if not exceeding expectations, the project cost more than 10 times what it was originally expected to cost and … continue reading

A Senior Engineer’s Survival Handbook

As with anything in life, adjusting to a new role is not always easy. Making the leap to a Senior Engineer position can be challenging since it requires taking on more responsibilities, improving prioritization, and honing soft skills. Whether someone has been recently promoted to Senior Engineer or is trying to prove they are ready … continue reading

Don’t lose developers to bad culture

Software developers know their skills are hard to find, and they know how much they are worth. Demand is through the roof and there aren’t enough developers to go around. At the same time, COVID has shifted their priorities. Many now seek workplaces that permit flexible hours, opportunities to work-from-home, and more. And they’re not … continue reading

Inclusive user testing – and empathy – are core to inclusive design

Even before the pandemic, so much of our daily lives had become digital. Instead of meeting up in person, we’ve moved to FaceTime and Webex. Rather than go to a movie, we streamed the latest films at home. We moved our banking and food shopping online.  Today’s digital work surely rivals the physical world – … continue reading

Insights from business process analytics

Linking a better understanding of business processes to reduced costs and improved efficiency may not be new, but the concept has attracted renewed interest in the aftermath of COVID-19 and its repercussions on the labor market. Since spring 2021, some 33 million Americans have quit their jobs. Why so many people are leaving the workplace … continue reading

Use metric stores as main data servicing layer

In a single generation, we have witnessed the internet revolution, the cloud revolution and it can be said we’re in the middle of the data revolution. Data has always been critical, but today its sheer size, speed and utility is reaching dizzying new heights.  Now that data applications and analytics are a permanent, essential, growing … continue reading

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