JetBrains’ New Cross-platform IDE

More of today’s .NET developers are using non-Windows platforms for application development. Those familiar with JetBrains ReSharper Visual Studio extension will soon have access to JetBrains’ new cross-platform IDE codenamed “Project Rider,” which will provide the same, familiar experience. “We’ve been working for several years to ensure that ReSharper can work in different environments, independently … continue reading

Microsoft Build Partners

Alachisoft – NCache is a 100% Native .NET Open Source distributed cache (released under Apache License, Version 2.0). Software teams use NCache to remove performance bottlenecks related to their data storage and databases and to scale their .NET and Java applications to extreme transaction processing (XTP). TayzGrid was developed from NCache source into a native … continue reading

Simplify Database Lifecycle Management

Organizations are falling short of their continuous integration and continuous delivery goals because they lack a coherent way to manage database lifecycles. With Redgate’s SQL Toolbelt, software teams can proactively include the database in the lifecycle processes they already have in place for the application. This includes development, release, change management, and maintenance to reduce … continue reading

Modern Requirements Extends TFS

Software teams need more effective ways of managing requirements regardless of which development methodology they’re using. Rather than mapping third-party requirements tools to TFS and hoping for the best, organizations are choosing eDevTECH’s Modern Requirements suite, which adds requirements management capabilities to TFS. It is the only requirements management suite that uses TFS as an … continue reading

MongoDB and SQL: Bridging the divide

The Internet disrupts every industry, and business intelligence (BI) is no exception. As modern Web applications voraciously consume data, they blast past the bounds of traditional relational databases. Scaling out mushrooming data sets with replication, caching, tuning, hardware and sharding solutions is one way to go, but more than ever, flexible NoSQL data stores like … continue reading

Industry Spotlight: Read this before you refactor your monolith into microservices

Microservices are a new software development pattern emerging from recent trends in technology and practice. Agile methods, DevOps culture, PaaS, application containers and the widespread adoption (both mentally and technically) of continuous integration and delivery methods are making it possible to build truly modular, large-scale systems. What do teams that successfully build microservices do differently … continue reading

Industry Spotlight: TestCafe: Simplify functional Web testing

You’re a Web developer. How many times have you pushed some minor change to production only to break your website? We’ve all been there, right? Well, when you use DevExpress TestCafe, you can avoid those situations and weird user-experience glitches. “Websites and Web applications are really easy to mess up because it’s so easy to … continue reading

Industry Spotlight: Internet of Things: Closing the gap between customers, business

The Internet of Things (IoT), put simply, is a way to infuse computing power into the world around us. But Ron Evans, an IoT developer, sees it a little differently. The Internet of Things, said Evans (the self-described “ringleader” at California-based boutique consultancy The Hybrid Group), “is about closing the last meter between customers and … continue reading

Industry Spotlight: Delivery speed hinges on testing

Software teams are expected to deliver high-quality software in ever-shorter timeframes, but in practice release speed or quality usually suffers. When release speed is the primary driver, testing may be compromised or a subset of planned features may be released. When quality is the main goal, the release schedule may slip. In today’s increasingly mobile … continue reading

Industry Spotlight: Great apps begin with DevExpress

Developers rely on DevExpress to provide the controls they need to build stunning desktop, Web and mobile apps. The newly released DevExpress Universal 14.1 adds an HTML5 client-side data grid control, new Windows Forms (WinForms) Outlook-style controls, new chart types, and the beta version of an ASP.NET report designer. There are also new demos showing … continue reading

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