The most powerful force in DevOps is changing your company’s culture

Achieving DevOps—a continuous, collaborative product delivery cycle that incorporates software development and IT operations equally—is an elusive goal for many enterprises. Even after agile software development practices have revolutionized teams, the fundamental motivational mismatch between developers and sysadmins often persists. Development is feature-driven. Operations is stability-driven. Netflix, Google or Facebook aside, how do real-world enterprises … continue reading

Don’t scale Agile before you ask yourself these questions

Enterprise organizations are beginning to buy in to Agile techniques outside of their development teams, to gain companywide benefits from being Agile. Enterprises require scale, and with that scale comes process. A big question remains left unanswered: How do you ensure that future Agile teams have “agility” and can collaborate and deliver value, instead of … continue reading

ActiveReports Server – 100% Web-Based, Rich, Self Service Reporting for Business Users

ActiveReports Server provides business users with a feature-rich, Web-based self-service reporting solution … continue reading

Kapow Software Radically Simplifies Mobile-Enablement of Enterprise Web Applications

Kapow Software helps customers get to market faster and cheaper than they ever thought possible … continue reading

Build Better Imaging Applications with Accusoft Pegasus

If you’re building imaging applications or adding imaging capabilities to your existing software, Accusoft Pegasus can help … continue reading

TX Text Control Adds Microsoft Word-Like Capabilities to Applications

.NET developers seeking to add word-processing functionality to their applications trust TX Text Control … continue reading

ComponentOne Makes Software Innovation Fast and Easy

If you want to deliver game-changing software at a pace that mirrors the velocity of business, consider ComponentOne … continue reading

Telerik Improves End-to-End Software Development and Goes Mobile

Developers looking to improve user experience and .NET development choose Telerik for their life-cycle needs … continue reading

Syncfusion Enables 360-Degree Software Transformation

Today’s enterprise developers are expected to deliver innovative business solutions, not just code software … continue reading

RSSBus Data Providers Solve Integration Challenges Quickly and Easily

With the new range of RSSBus Data Providers, your developers can easily build powerful, integrated applications … continue reading

LEAD Technologies Accelerates Your Application Development

If you want to help healthcare professionals make better decisions faster, consider LEADTOOLS … continue reading

Infragistics Improves Developer Productivity and User Experience

Using Infragistics controls, developers can build groundbreaking user experiences and rich data visualizations … continue reading

Create Powerful, Informative Charts Easily with FusionCharts

If you’re adding charting capabilities to applications, FusionCharts has what you need … continue reading

Break New Application Ground with Developer Express

Developer Express helps developers remain at the top of their game with powerful controls … continue reading

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