PDFs on the rebound

From “green” revamps to government digital archiving efforts, PDF is still seeing a great deal of use … continue reading

Agile tools: Adapt or perish

Agile teams still need tools to accomplish their tasks, but won’t want to change their methodologies to accommodate them … continue reading

Experiments in the cloud are paying off

Developers are getting a handle on testing, customer outreach and the cloud technology itself … continue reading

Reaching for the cloud

Cloud experts share their advice about security, user interfaces, data handling and more … continue reading

Watch out multicore: GPUs are right behind

As multicore CPUs hit limitations, general-purpose GPUs are stepping up to make heterogeneous computing possible … continue reading

Continuous integration: Not just for agile anymore

Organizations are gleaning good things from continuous integration even if they are using slower methodologies … continue reading

Putting some teeth into software security

The IT security industry is finding new ways to survive and thrive in today’s market … continue reading

Requirements: How much is enough?

Developers haggle over how much requirements are needed, especially in the face of agile’s growing influence … continue reading

It’s time to change… but how?

Don’t be intimidated by changing times; there are ways you can alter your business practices to keep pace … continue reading

Pushing forward into Scrum

Scrum practitioners give their advice on pitfalls to avoid and goals to strive for when implementing the agile methodology … continue reading

Microsoft’s islands in the stream

Microsoft’s ALM tools achieve their best results when working together, but they also come with their own software process … continue reading

Just say NoSQL

The burgeoning movement wants to promote its ability to complement SQL, not to replace it … continue reading

Changing fortunes for SCM

Developers see a future where SCM moves from costly management solutions to open source … continue reading

Java EE 6: An easier path to the Web

The framework is still functioning, with a new REST API and a slimmed down Web Profile … continue reading

ASP.NET: Shifting gears to the Web

Microsoft is moving the platform away from being Windows-oriented to allow for more contemporary Web development standards … continue reading

Getting to the core of multicore development

Should developers “cheat” by using virtualization to scale applications across a multicore server processor? … continue reading

So you want to make a social-networking app

Social-networking companies talk about what drives a successful product and what developers can do to drive interest … continue reading

SOA’s best when business pulls the strings

With businesses more acclimated to the uses of SOA, its adoption has grown, spurred on by IT teams … continue reading

Coming to Azure out of the blue

As Azure comes into its own, developers need to know what they want to achieve with it before they can use it … continue reading

How agile are you?

The more agile is adopted, the more debate there is on what it means to be truly agile, and whether pure beats pragmatic … continue reading

Adobe AIR vs. Microsoft Silverlight: A fair fight?

As AIR and Silverlight go into their next versions, does either have the advantage over the other? And in what ways? … continue reading

A little of this, a little of that

Companies want to dump “shelfware” for pay-as-you-go models in SaaS and other services … continue reading

Tool makers rush to keep up with .NET’s evolution

As the .NET framework enters its fourth generation, tool makers are trying to come to grips with its newfound capabilities … continue reading

ALM tools evolve in face of agile processes

Companies agree that strong project management tools are critical for managing faster iterations and increased collaboration … continue reading

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