HTML5: Why you should use frameworks for Web apps

SD Times talks with W3C’s Michael Smith on where HTML5 is going … continue reading

DevOps teams are on the move

Now that DevOps is a settled concept, does moving it to the cloud shake things up again? … continue reading

Springtime for databases

New databases are popping up from the ground like seedlings in the spring, but which type is right for your project? … continue reading

Oh no! Bugs are still on the loose!

But these bugs can be vanquished by following these five steps, as compiled by software developers … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012: A safe migration

Compatibility with .NET has been preserved, allowing developers to test the VS waters … continue reading

Putting a shine on ASP.NET

SignalR, MVC 4 and Web Pages 2 give developers greater choice and freedom for Web app development … continue reading

Weaving solutions for multi-threading

Processor cores proliferate, but challenges for developers remain … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012: Not your mother’s IDE

Backward compatibility and Windows 8 integration are the highlights of this edition … continue reading

Keeping software delivery on track

As agile practices speed up the life cycle, deployment and release need to show they can keep up the pace … continue reading

Tools for Scrum

Seven leading suppliers of agile tools talk Scrum, sharing how their Scrum tool makes development teams more agile … continue reading

How to handle your own great migration

If you want to effectively move old applications to new systems, follow the advice from these experienced migrators … continue reading

Breaking down Android

Understanding the concepts around the software stack is a key first step for developers writing apps to the platform … continue reading

Flipping on LightSwitch

Microsoft, its partners and its customers don’t all see eye to eye when it comes to Visual Studio LightSwitch … continue reading

Charting the course to agile

A road map is essential to creating an orderly transition to the methodology, experts say … continue reading

Requirements management… with integrations on the side

From increased collaboration to working with agile, requirements-management tools are facing changes … continue reading

Branching and merging: the heart of version control

Providers hold their own views of the landscape, but the Git SCM system is drawing looks from them all … continue reading

Metro, WinRT and the fate of components

Microsoft’s bold new platform will push developer skills into new areas … continue reading

Are tech books dead?

Blogs keep up faster with technology, but not all developers are leaving paper behind … continue reading

Harnessing the GPU for multicore processing

Parallel programming is becoming more commonplace, and companies are devising and revising products to meet demand … continue reading

How can you stay one step ahead in security for the cloud?

Frequently the biggest vulnerability of an application lies in the very code itself … continue reading

Open source has come of age

After 20 years of Linux and 30 years of open-source licensing, the movement is healthier and more mature than ever … continue reading

SQL Server Denali delights developers

Preview of next SQL Server release boasts tools package and offline development … continue reading

How the cloud (kinda) changes (sorta) everything

But how did it get this far? We take a look back at recent history with Amazon, Apple, IBM and more … continue reading

If you’ve given up on relational databases for the cloud… You’re nuts!

Companies are finding that combining the good parts of relational databases and cloud technologies can speed up development … continue reading

The democratization of business intelligence

Changes in technology and business norms are driving the move toward self-service and “just-in-time” information … continue reading

Agile, lean, and all in between

With software development practices maturing, companies are looking at combinations to maximize efficiency … continue reading

New tools for the .NET trade

Silverlight 4 and Visual Studio 2010 come with rich native tool sets that advance productivity … continue reading

Rise of the Androids

While the iPhone still dominates the mobile phone market, Android’s broad compatibility is letting it catch up a bit … continue reading

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