Agile: The team game

Experts explain how organizations can transition development teams to agile, best practices to follow, and what to watch for … continue reading

…But the bugs remain

Data suggests quality of software isn’t any better than it was years ago, based on defects … continue reading

What’s the deal with DevOps?

It’s two worlds joined together, but even though they look the same, they don’t quite mesh without communication … continue reading

The new rules of configuration management

Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible and Bcfg2 have changed the ways CM is set up and run … continue reading

Big Data, bigger competition

With the help of Big Data and business intelligence, companies are finding ways to improve their bottom line … continue reading

Scrum means being incremental

Ken Schwaber says it’s not just a methodology, but a set of values that can be applied to any industry … continue reading

Companies to Watch: 2014

Twenty-three companies are on the verge of making it big; see why you should keep an eye on them in 2014 … continue reading

Making a better user experience for Windows 8

The developer has no shortage of tools for making their apps look good … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012 leaves room for third parties

Other companies can fill in the spaces provided by Microsoft … continue reading

Failure to test

Mobile success depends on adequate testing. So why do fewer than 10% of developers do it? … continue reading

ALM suites welcome DevOps into the fold

It’s about DevOps and managing the business as well as managing the software, solution providers agree … continue reading

HTML5: Why you should use frameworks for Web apps

SD Times talks with W3C’s Michael Smith on where HTML5 is going … continue reading

DevOps teams are on the move

Now that DevOps is a settled concept, does moving it to the cloud shake things up again? … continue reading

Springtime for databases

New databases are popping up from the ground like seedlings in the spring, but which type is right for your project? … continue reading

Oh no! Bugs are still on the loose!

But these bugs can be vanquished by following these five steps, as compiled by software developers … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012: A safe migration

Compatibility with .NET has been preserved, allowing developers to test the VS waters … continue reading

Putting a shine on ASP.NET

SignalR, MVC 4 and Web Pages 2 give developers greater choice and freedom for Web app development … continue reading

Weaving solutions for multi-threading

Processor cores proliferate, but challenges for developers remain … continue reading

Visual Studio 2012: Not your mother’s IDE

Backward compatibility and Windows 8 integration are the highlights of this edition … continue reading

Keeping software delivery on track

As agile practices speed up the life cycle, deployment and release need to show they can keep up the pace … continue reading

Tools for Scrum

Seven leading suppliers of agile tools talk Scrum, sharing how their Scrum tool makes development teams more agile … continue reading

How to handle your own great migration

If you want to effectively move old applications to new systems, follow the advice from these experienced migrators … continue reading

Breaking down Android

Understanding the concepts around the software stack is a key first step for developers writing apps to the platform … continue reading

Flipping on LightSwitch

Microsoft, its partners and its customers don’t all see eye to eye when it comes to Visual Studio LightSwitch … continue reading

Charting the course to agile

A road map is essential to creating an orderly transition to the methodology, experts say … continue reading

Requirements management… with integrations on the side

From increased collaboration to working with agile, requirements-management tools are facing changes … continue reading

Branching and merging: the heart of version control

Providers hold their own views of the landscape, but the Git SCM system is drawing looks from them all … continue reading

Metro, WinRT and the fate of components

Microsoft’s bold new platform will push developer skills into new areas … continue reading

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